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pdficon largeAPT Acoustic Pulse Tool
Used to replace our SST Sonic Stimulation tool that is primarily run on Coil Tubing.

PST Pulse Stimulation Tool
Run in conjunction with your production or injection system. Continuous sonic stimulation penetrating the formation, increasing production or injection.

pdficon largeEHAP Enhanced Hydraulic Atenuated Pump
Overcomes the limitations of conventional pumping technologies.

pdficon largeHAWII Past
Hydraulic acoustic water itrinsic injection production at same time.

pdficon largeLF - HAPIT
Low frequency High amplitude pulse injection tool
Used to enhance injection fluid. Enhances reservoir sweep efficiencies. Enhances recoverable oil in place. Placed in situ, to enhance or augment injection.

pdficon largeSST - 001 Sonic Stimulation Tool
Used to enhance stimulation fluid reactivity. Enhances cleaning near well bore issues. Enhances injection sweeps. Creates a selective aspect .3 m across tool due to jetting configuration and pulse mechanisms.


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