About Canasonics

Vision: Demonstrate the many well remediation advantages associated with combining 'sonic pulse technology' and 'designer chemistries'.

Mission:Enhance production, improve sweep efficiencies, and reduce work-over costs – to increase the bottom line for oil companies.

Heavy Oil: Canasonics is revolutionizing the future of heavy oil recovery by sonically applying specialized heavy oil treatment chemistries either in batch or continuous mode. Both completion and production related skin damage have been effectively removed restoring sustained production to many CHOPS (Cold Heavy Oil Production) wells.

Injection Wells: Canasonics is capable of selectively cleaning large perfed intervals or horizontal injection/disposal wells using sonically conveyed treatment fluids. The horse power and vibration energy associated with sonic pulse activation enhances dramatically the effectiveness of acids and solvents applied to remove both organic and inorganic scale.

Cost Effective: Canasonics products and services are not capital or labour intensive frequently reducing field operating costs.

Products:Canasonics has a number of innovative technologies including:

SST-001: Coil conveyed sonic stimulation tool

LF HAPIT: Coil conveyed pulse tool with flow and Hertz control

APT: Tubing conveyed pulse tool

PST: Pulse Stimulation Tool

EHAP: Enhanced Hydraulic Attenuated Pump – no moving parts

HAWII PAST: Combines the EHAP & SST technologies for 'toe to heel' heavy oil sweep

Sonic stimulation tools, completion tools and technique